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Re: Skilled manpower vs. grunt work

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 12:44:10PM +0000, Chris Carr wrote [edited]:
> In both cases I ended up "pestering the team with newbie questions" because
> of the complexities of d-i and of packaging, respectively - not because I
> was unintelligent or unmotivated, nor because I had failed to read the
> available docs.

The new maintainer's guide has a section on "Where to ask for help", which,
amongst others, mentions the debian mentors mailing list.

> I would happily volunteer to do bug triaging on certain packages, as
> I am certain I possess the skills to do this. Is it as simple as
> emailing the maintainer(s) and offering?

Yes, by all means go ahead (preferably picking up specific bugs, instead of
just asking "How can I help")


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