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Re: squeeze will have googleearth-package

[Ben Hutchings]
> I think the plan was that any firmware package that is available
> during installation and that satisfies a firmware request will get
> installed.  However, I have not worked on this and I don't know what
> has actually been implemented.

At the moment hw-detect as part of d-i will look in CDROM/firmware/
for .debs providing the files requested by a kernel module, and
install any such .deb into the installed system.  The correct .deb is
found by unpacking the deb and looking at its content.  hw-detect will
not detect which firmware to install from APT sources, as there is
currently no way to figure out which packages contain firmware and it
is out of the question to unpack all packages to look for firmware

We should find a better way to identify firmware packages, allowing
hw-detect to find the correct ones without unpacking.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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