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squeeze will not have googleearth-package


so googleearth-package was removed from squeeze, because of a RC bug, which 
was fixed on mentors.d.n for 4 days already when it was removed. Sadly the 
maintainer didnt ask for sponsorship on the mentors-list, so his uploaded was 
not noticed immediatly.

Then, 605959 asking for its removal was filed (against r.d.o, without 
notifiying the g-p mainatiner) and the packages was removed within 7 hours.

That same day I sponsored the package, sadly that upload introduced 606045, 
which we fixed on the next day.

That was a month ago. 

Since then I was hoping that some nice releaseteam member would it go in 
again, after it all it wont even be part of squeeze, it's just in contrib. 
And it has millions of users there, whether you like it or not. (I dont, but 
I have to cater for quite some users who love it.)

So I'm closing 606222 now, to not have to think about it anymore. 

At least we have the elephant in the room, gladly to help our users.


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