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Re: Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 release (WPA support)

Quoting Michael Banck (mbanck@debian.org):

> > > Do you consider that WPA support is a "fancy new thing" ???
> > 
> > You're free to do a play on his words, of course.  From the point of d-i
> > development it would be a new feature, yes.
> Sure, but Christian's words were quite dismissive as well, like nobody
> would ever need something as strange as WPA to install Debian.

Let's make it clear: I of course don't consider WPA support something
useless. The point is mostly saying that *whatever the enhancement is*
(either something with real user need or just a corner case wishlist
feature), popping up with "the installer should do this or that" two
months before the planned release is just pointless. Whatever
importance the feature might have.

We're not even able to process installation reports properly as of now
(if not convinced, read -boot), so before even thinking about adding
new stuff (and breakage paths), let's first fix the current one.

As this thread showed, WPA support is a release goal for wheezy D-I.

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