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Re: Debian ppa

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 06:53:02PM +1000, William Grant wrote:
> Well, those few sysadmins manage Launchpad, Landscape, Ubuntu One and
> some other internal applications. And you wouldn't want or need to run
> all of Launchpad's services.

Well that's interesting.  The point I was going to make before I read this para
was, the problem with running a copy of LP is getting all those other services
(bugs etc.) which we don't need - in fact, most likely, actively don't want, to
avoid diluting our existing services.  Would installing and maintaining a copy
of LP with everything but PPA functionality switched off really be easier than
bolting PPA onto the existing Debian infrastructure? (an open question I suppose)

Jon Dowland

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