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Hi All,

CUT discussions at debconf10 and recent news of the birth of Linux Mint
Debian Edition (LMDE) [1] show how valuable and unique  Debian's rolling
distribution (testing) is.  But every freeze in the preparation to
upcoming stable release in effect, eliminates 'testing' (and actually
unstable... since experimental is not a complete distribution and we
can't force users to use something with that name ;) ) until new
stable sees the world. I wondered, why don't we have

[experimental/]unstable(sid)/testing(e.g squeeze)/stable

*constantly* present and functioning all the time the same way.

Then upon freeze we just copy the state of
  unstable -> pending
  testing(squeeze) -> frozen(squeeze, e.g together with a codename)
and link new codename (e.g. wheezy) against testing.

NB I am having some deja vu that 'frozen' used to be used explicitly
   in the archive... is that so?

Then unstable/testing would roll further as usual, and pending->frozen
according to the freeze schedule.  This would enable CUTs, fulfill
the ideas behind LMDE to have something rolling without hickups, and
users of 'testing' (and unstable) would enjoy testing/unstable the way
they usually do.

I understand that it would require more work, but I think benefits would
overweight the burden.

But I cannot be first thinking about that, and I bet there were good
reasons why such approach was not taken -- could anyone enlighten/point
me to the shortcomings?

[1] http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=1527

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