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Re: Summary of CUT discussions (Was: unstable/testing/[pending/frozen/]stable)

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 05:17:36PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> I'm not against having a constant useable testing, on the contrary. I
> just don't see why we want to choose for working around the problems we
> currently have with testing instead of fixing them for everyone.

You seem to be basing your arguments on the implicit assumption that the
target of testing and CUT is the same, whether it's not necessarily the
case. Testing is great for what it offers to Debian now, but some of its
goals conflicts with it being "constantly usable", such as the need to
kick out packages which are not suitable for inclusion in a stable
release which will undergo long support. This is not surprising, as that
was not an explicit goal of testing.

You also seem to have another assumption that something like CUT will
reduce the user base of testing which is not to be taken for granted
either. We can discuss this aspect for years, but the only way to find
it out whether it's the case or not it's to actually *try* doing that
and see what's the user reaction (e.g. by monitoring mirror and/or
popcon data). In the past few weeks I've been attending FOSS events, and
my impression is that users have a lot of interest around Debian-based
rolling distributions, be them aptosid, mint, ... or CUT!

All in all, this seems to be one of those classic discussions in which
there are people trying to dissuade other to volunteer work in specific
project area. That's surely not done on purpose, but that's the
impression this thread might give. The real question, IMHO, is how much
the volunteer work that people interested in CUT are ready to contribute
will impact other project areas (question which has been raised also
during the DebConf10 BoF—an event I recommend to watch to get an idea of
the interest around CUT also *inside* the project). My understanding is
that the impact will be very low, so I still see no reasons not to try.


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