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Re: scanlite / scangui - what is the difference?

Dear Hans-J.,
Am 07.09.10 17:46, schrieb Hans-J. Ullrich:
> scangui is part of the kipi-plugins. "apt-file search scangui" will show you.

pthat's possible, but I can't check at the moment as I'm not on a Debian system
here regularily.

> I suppose, the KDE-people integrated your skanlite in KDE (which is ok, as it 
> is GPL). See in the menu (I have German KDE, so it is below "Bilder einlesen" 
> below "Grafik". 

Just to make sure: I'm just the maintainer for Debian (together with Mark
Purcell). So I'm not sure how you mean "the KDE-people integrated [my]
Skanlite". I consider myself a part (though with very minor contributions, so
far) of the Debian KDE team.
The place where Skanlite shows up in the K menu is controled by the .desktop
file, which the Skanlite package ships (which is upstream's version, IIRC).

> In the other hand, skanlite should be deinstalled, when kipi-plugins are 
> installed, and other round. Just to avoid double-applications.

Hm, that would be hard to do Policy compliant (though I haven't rechecked just
now (still on vacation)), because it's not a real conflict nor does one break
the other. Maybe we could do it as a "Replaces". Though I'm not sure whether all
users would want that (I'm not trying to use some random user as a shield, I
simply don't know, but I could imagine somebody wanting some random KIPI plugi
and still wanting Skanlite for scanning. Maybe we could split the scanning part
out of the KIPI plugins so you can really decide between the two. But I'd expect
this to be a change happening post-Squeeze.).

Anyway, feel free to file a bug against Skanlite and/or scangui with severity
wishlist. Though I'd really like to hear something from the KIPI maintainers
first, but that's just my personal sentiment.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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