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scanlite / scangui - what is the difference?

Dear maintainers and package-team!

I am a little confused, as I found two different applications which seem to be 
exactly the same. One is called "scangui" and is part of kde4 kipi-plugins. 
The other one is called "scanlite", (which is the successor of "kooka" I 
guess). Both are doing the same, both are looking the same. 

What is the difference if any? And if there is no difference, so IMO one should 
be uninstalled, when the other one is installed. 

I will be happy of any information. If this is a bug, I will be pleased to file 
a bugreport.

BTW: I am missing "kooka" in squeeze. Is kooka removed from the repository?

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich

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