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Re: scanlite / scangui - what is the difference?

Am Dienstag, 7. September 2010 schrieb Kai Wasserbäch:
> Dear Hans-J.,
> I'm the maintainer of Skanlite (I assume you meant Skanlite). Skanlite is
> (AFAIK) the standalone "replacement" for Kooka, which uses libksane for
> accessing scanners. I started maintaining Skanlite, when I was missing
> Kooka from Squeeze (Kooka is the KDE 3.x standalone scanning application
> and was without upstream development for some time). After asking the
> Debian KDE maintainers on IRC I was directed towards Skanlite, which
> wasn't in Debian back then.
> I didn't find "scangui" on the KIPI homepage [0], but from your description
> I'd say it is another interface for libksane, which integrates with
> KIPI-aware programs. But I might be mistaken, as I'm on vacation right now
> and my internet connections is somewhat limited.
> Kind regards,
> Kai Wasserbäch
> [0] http://www.kipi-plugins.org/drupal/node/1

Hello Kai, 

scangui is part of the kipi-plugins. "apt-file search scangui" will show you.

I suppose, the KDE-people integrated your skanlite in KDE (which is ok, as it 
is GPL). See in the menu (I have German KDE, so it is below "Bilder einlesen" 
below "Grafik". 

In the other hand, skanlite should be deinstalled, when kipi-plugins are 
installed, and other round. Just to avoid double-applications. 

Maybe this is clearing things a bit.

Best regards


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