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Re: Debug output etc, cluttering the terminal

Am Samstag, 14. August 2010, 19:59:50 schrieb Michael Welle:
> Hello,
> what is the reason that many applications clutter the terminal with
> output that is obvisously debug output? Lets take digikam as an
> example:

In the specific case of Digikam and other KDE applications, you can run 
kdebugdialog to control the debugging messages. In particular, there is a 
convenient switch to turn them off completely.

There are only two catches:
- The netlib_connectsock() messages probably come from a dependency library, 
they don't adhere to kdebug policies.
- In some apps like Gwenview, some debug messages about kdeui still pass the 
filter. If you experience the same issue, I suggest you file a bug report 
against kdebugdialog.

When KDE applications are run in a KDE environment, the debug output is 
normally not an issue because even terminal-using people prefer KRunner's 
autocompletion over bash's and hence don't see the debug messages. However, it 
is certainly an upstream goal to make KDE applications play nice in other 
environments both visually and behaviourally.

I see your point in bringing this up on this list to end up with distribution-
wide guidelines, but for pragmatic reasons I think you're better off contacting 
the application or framework maintainers directly. KDE has one debugging 
system, Mozilla has another one, the Linux kernel has yet another one for the 
primary terminal, Java apps have their own local logging policies and so on. 
It would be a huge task trying to unify the policies.


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