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Re: Intent to hijack anarchism

2010-08-14, Tollef Fog Heen:

> ]] Mauro Lizaur 
> | This is my intent to "hijack" the package anarchism. (Oh, the irony)
> | I've already talked to Ed Boraas (the previous maintainer) about this 
> | and he agreed that I can take over this package and continue the work. 
> | Unfortunately, I don't have a signed mail to prove this.
> This sounds like a normal adoption, not a hijack, and there's no need
> for a signed mail to do the handover.  (I've given away and taken over
> packages through IRC conversations, for instance.)

Thanks (and to Luk) for your responses.
I thought about signed mail for handover to avoid misunderstandings.


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