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Intent to hijack anarchism

Hello there,
This is my intent to "hijack" the package anarchism. (Oh, the irony)
I've already talked to Ed Boraas (the previous maintainer) about this 
and he agreed that I can take over this package and continue the work. 
Unfortunately, I don't have a signed mail to prove this.
(Ed, if you read this, would be great if you answer this with a signed mail)

About the upstream, I talked to Iain McKay and the upstream authors of 
the AAFAQ and they handed me an up to date version of it (ie: 13.4).
About the package, I converted it to the new format, closed the fixed but
not-closed bugs in the BTS and everything to have a nice and clean up to 
date anarchism package.

BTW, if somebody else wants to co-maintain this FAQ, I've no issues about
co-maintaining as a team or with a couple of co-maintainers. 
(It doesn't require much work at all, but just in case).

Any opinions are more than welcome.


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