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Constantly Usable Testing team forming

At DebConf there was a standing-room-only BoF to see if it made sense to
form a team to work on the Constantly Usable Testing (CUT) idea. My
feeling of the BoF session is that the project is generally open to the
idea of doing something to make testing more generally usable. And has a
lot of ideas of different ways to accomplish that.

A team is being formed, at http://cut.debian.net/ ; there you can find
video of the BoF, and a mailing list, which people interested in working
on CUT are invited to join.

We will use the mailing list, and the website, to develop some initial
action plans for how to implement CUT. And to make sure we have enough
people to be able to follow through on them. We will report back here to
make sure our plans are acceptible before we start doing anything too

see shy jo

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