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Re: When the init.d script exits [typo fixed], the service should be operational

Am Dienstag, 3. August 2010, 18:24:09 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> ... only between services that have declared a dependency relationship,
> which should obviously *not* be started in parallel.

In the example given by Petter, dhcpd runtime-depends on pdns through some 
configuration option. This is not a package dependency. And the only reason the 
ordered runtime dependency exists is because dhcpd cannot handle the fact that 
the DNS server is not running. So once dhcpd is fixed to only return its 
results after having successfully contacted the DNS server, the runtime 
dependency loses its ordering requirement, allowing pdns to be started at any 
time after dhcpd without waiting for some (potentially buggy and never 
returning) init.d script to finish. Depending on the type of daemon, there 
might already be some functions offered at this point (e.g., logging) while 
more functions are being offered once the dependency service has also been 
started (e.g., query interface).
What am I missing here?


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