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Re: When the init.d script exist, the service should be operational

In data martedì, 3. di agosto 2010 10:45:41, Petter Reinholdtsen ha scritto:
> If you maintain a package with a service started during boot using a
> init.d script, please make sure your service is operational when the
> init.d script exits.

There are two disadvantages to this approach: It decreases the parallelisation 
factor and it won't help with temporarily disappearing daemons, for instance 
during upgrades or other restarts. A superior paradigm (IMHO) is to move the 
burden to client developers to implement retry schemes. Hence, connect() 
becomes an asynchronous and otherwise fault-tolerant operation.

For example, many applications relying on persistent SQL server connections 
currently break when the server is restarted - shouldn't the goal be to not 
let them break when the service is temporarily not available?


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