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Re: teaching users how to submit good bug reports

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 10:26:47AM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> On 23 July 2010 10:03, brian m. carlson <sandals@crustytoothpaste.net> wrote:
> > You can use "smtphost reportbug.debian.org" in the configuration file.
> > As for blocking direct outgoing SMTP connections:
> This is news for me. Is there any thoughts on making this the default?

It's enabled if stupidmode is set.  To do that, say that "no" when
asked if you have an MTA configured and just hit enter when it asks for
your smarthost.  You can always edit the config file as well.  It will
print the same lines regardless, except that they're commented out when
stupidmode is off.

> Based on what you say, it seems to use port 587 by default; is this correct?

It works on both 25 and 587, TTBOMK.  I believe 25 is the default.  My
example was because I just figured that 25 is a lot more likely to be
blocked.  You can use "smtphost reportbug.debian.org:587" for port 587.

> > All you really need is a working email address to put in the From line
> > and an Internet connection. That's it.
> Yes, need to make sure that the From address is valid... To be fair,
> it does print it out, but sometimes I get it wrong all the same.

Nothing I can do about that. ;-)

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