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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users

* 2010-07-22 08:11 (UTC), j. jj wrote:

> To attract more people to debian, some particular features are need to
> show to the world.

Debian's attractiveness (or perhaps the lack of it) is probably a sum of
several different things. I think one of those things is the front page
<http://www.debian.org>. The page may implicitly suggest that there is
nothing happening in the project. It looks almost always the same,
almost like one of those abandoned projects.

I understand the "patched are welcome" nature of the project but there
has already been an example implementations for the front page. A couple
of years back there was lengthy discussion which even made me feel that
now it's really happening, the front page will change soon, but still
nothing. Were do those suggestions go?

On the other hand, Debian seems to be attractive as a meta distribution.
I heard that of a couple of distros which were previously based on
Ubuntu switched to base their work on Debian directly. That said, I'm a
normal end-user myself and I definitely see Debian as a great end-user
Desktop distro too.

Feel free to Cc me your replies if you want to make sure I'll notice
them. I can't read all the list mail.

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