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Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Christian PERRIER writes ("Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling"):
>> That number is decreasing. Is that *really* a surprise for anyone?
>> These days, in 2010, who is really seriously thinking that, apart from
>> a few hardcore geeks, someone who is considering to install a
>> Linux-based operating system on a personal machine will even include
>> Debian in his|her first choices?
> A much larger number will consider, and perhaps install, a Debian
> derivative.  I think we should regard those users as a part of our
> success, and not too badly bemoan the loss of them as direct users.

Earlier someone mentioned that popcon can report to more than one
tracker. So maybe we should talk to Debian based distributions and
encourage them to report to both their own (if they have one) and

Would be nice for debian to include numbers for Debian based
distributions and have graphs showing the rise and fall of each.


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