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Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com):
> The number of submissions to the Debian popularity-contest collector
> is falling, and has done so for some time now.  This can be easily
> seen on <URL: http://popcon.debian.org/stat/sub-i386.png >.

Well, would that be a tremendous scoop that the number of Debian users
is decreasing?

More particularly the number of users who choose Debian for their
desktop|laptop machine install?

It is quite obvious that most users who install dedicated servers,
virtualization machines, virtual machines inside the virtualization
machines, etc.... will not choose to activate popcon. And it is also
obvious that the people who are the most likely to activate it are
those who install Debian on a "personal" machine.

That number is decreasing. Is that *really* a surprise for anyone?
These days, in 2010, who is really seriously thinking that, apart from
a few hardcore geeks, someone who is considering to install a
Linux-based operating system on a personal machine will even include
Debian in his|her first choices?

So, our market are now server-style machines...or maybe still very
large installation of desktop systems based on Debian (Extremadura,
Munich, probably dozens of schools|universities...). And, sometimes, I
wonder whether those are also decreasing in some way (I'm always using
the same examples when I have to talk about these marge deployments).

We should probably face the fact that our growing slope is currently
negative and that will have consequences over some work we're
doing. Interesting discussion to have at DebConf, isn't it?

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