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Re: chromium-browser in Debian Sid

On 06/30/2010 01:18 AM, Giuseppe Iuculano wrote:
> On 06/30/2010 06:15 AM, Aaron Toponce wrote:
>> I just noticed that the chromium-browser package releases in Debian
>> GNU/Linux unstable are synced version-for-version with the google-chrome
>> beta package provided by the 3rd party Google Linux repository. Is this
>> intentional?
> No, we follow the stable channel.

Stable: 5.0.375.86
Beta: 5.0.375.86
Dev: 6.0.437.3

For some reason, I thought the stable channel was still in v4.

>> What's the rationale behind using the beta releases for
>> chromium-browser in Debian rather than just using the nightlies?
> Should we use the Chromium nightly builds ? Really? :)

Well, when you put it that way. :) Honestly, I don't think of Sid as a
collection of stable packages. That's what I think about Lenny. I think
of Sid as "the latest and greatest", regardless of version, and that's
why I thought the nightlies would be appropriate here.

In my mind's eye, I played out that Sid would get the nightlies and
Squeeze would get the beta pushes. But, following the stable channel
makes sense. I was just curious.

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