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Re: chromium-browser in Debian Sid

Aaron Toponce wrote:

> On 06/30/2010 01:18 AM, Giuseppe Iuculano wrote:
>> Should we use the Chromium nightly builds ? Really? :)
> Well, when you put it that way. :) Honestly, I don't think of Sid as a
> collection of stable packages. That's what I think about Lenny. I think
> of Sid as "the latest and greatest", regardless of version, and that's
> why I thought the nightlies would be appropriate here.

Well… Nightlies would be appropriate in experimental. And even there, I'm 
far from certain that daily uploads for a given package would really be 
appreciated (it puts a big load on buildds, mirrors, networks, …).

unstable is certainly not for "the latest and greatest", especially now that 
we are approaching freeze time. Packages uploaded to unstable are meant as 
candidates for testing.

> In my mind's eye, I played out that Sid would get the nightlies and
> Squeeze would get the beta pushes. But, following the stable channel
> makes sense. I was just curious.

With our current processes, there is no possibility of differentiating 
uploads to unstable and uploads to testing: a packages _migrates_ to testing 
from unstable when a given set of conditions is fulfilled.



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