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Re: chromium-browser in Debian Sid

On Mi, 30 iun 10, 06:27:43, Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Well, when you put it that way. :) Honestly, I don't think of Sid as a
> collection of stable packages. That's what I think about Lenny. I think
> of Sid as "the latest and greatest", regardless of version, and that's
> why I thought the nightlies would be appropriate here.

By lurking on debian-devel I learned that sid/unstable is where packages 
intended for the next stable release are uploaded. In certain cases the 
testing migration is intentionally (and hopefully only temporary, 
otherwise it would miss the point) blocked by an RC-bug.

Some given piece of software might be good enough for a stable release 
even in non-stable form, which is why there is some software labeled 
alpha/beta/dev-snapshot/whatever even in Debian stable, but this is 
highly project-dependent.

The place to experiment with nightly builds and similar stuff would be 
experimental ;)

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