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Re: Allowing QA uploads for DMs

On 16/06/2010 08:13, Neil Williams wrote:
> I think we have to consider redirecting new volunteers AWAY from
> assuming that their work must centre on a NEW package and make it
> equally (or even more) likely that new people get to learn their craft
> on existing, orphaned, packages. After all, these packages are the work
> of their peers, albeit inactive peers.
To have a new package sponsored, a non-developer must do the packaging
work, find a sponsor, and then the sponsor makes a decision whether to
upload the package. Either as part of that upload, or (more ideally) as
part of a future one, the sponsor also makes the decision as to whether
DMUA is set.

For a QA package, a non-developer must improve existing packaging and
then find a sponsor. If the packager demonstrates suitable aptitude with
their changes, the sponsor could support setting DMUA for that package.

The process looks the same to me. Perhaps you are right and new
contributors believe that they must work on new packages. But I don't
see the process as reinforcing this. The problem must lie elsewhere.

Jon Dowland

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