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Re: Bindv6only once again

Sune Vuorela writes:

> On 2010-06-13, Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org> wrote:
>> It is difficult  to understand why we should wait  freeze time to change
>> anything.  Some people (including me) may be afraid that the problem may
>> not be corrected because of  the freeze. Moreover, in the meantime, some
>> applications don't  work with  IPv6 for people  that are unaware  of the
>> possibility to modify the sysctl.
> You are taking the wrong approach to things. We should see if it is
> still a major problem at freeze time, or if we have managed to fix all
> the buggy software before freeze.
> The fix is not to revert the changes, but to fix the software that this
> change exposes bugs in.

The behavior with net.ipv6.bindv6only=0 is mandated by both POSIX and
the governing RFC.  How can you call it a bug for software to expect
that behavior?  The true bug is that Debian intentionally violates these
standards.  If people decide (as Vincent Bernat suggested) that Debian
is a buggy piece of junk because of that, they will be right.

Michael Poole

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