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Bindv6only once again

Dear all,

I would like to raise the issue of #560238 once again.

In netbase 4.38, Marco d'Itri has unilaterally decided to change the
value of the net.ipv6.bindv6only sysctl to 1.  This change has the
following effects:

 (1) it violates POSIX 2008, Volume 2, Section 2.10.20;
 (2) it violates RFC 3493, Section 5.3;
 (3) it breaks software that is written to comply to POSIX, most notably
     Sun's Java.

Now, violating POSIX when there is good reason to do sois not something
Debian should shy from -- that's what we have POSIXLY_CORRECT for.
However, I don't think that such a decision should be taken lightly, and
certainly not without at least some discussion and advance warning.

Marco has made this change unilaterally, apparently without discussing
it with anyone.  While there have been at least two extended discussions
of the issue on debian-devel[1,2], Marco has been adopting a low
profile, waiting for the discussion to die out on its own and ignoring
any objections.

I am very much surprised at the Debian community's passivity with
respect to what I see as a clear violation of Debian's commitment to
collective decision taking.

I would like to very strongly request that Marco should revert the
change mentioned above.  Failing that, I would be grateful if some
Debian developer could be so kind as to raise the issue with the
Technical Committee.


[1] http://mid.gmane.org/87r5msss71.fsf@molech.giraffy.jp

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