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Re: Bindv6only once again

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 01:58:30AM +0200, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
> I am very much surprised at the Debian community's passivity with
> respect to what I see as a clear violation of Debian's commitment to
> collective decision taking.

I think this is because you do not fully understand how decision making
in Debian works. With the above sentence you seem to believe that in
Debian we *first* discuss any single decision collectively and only then
we go ahead and implement it. This is not the case. If it were, in a
project the sheer size of Debian, we will be just discussing and doing
nothing else.

In fact Debian is first of all a do-ocracy and our actual commitments
read « An individual Developer may make any technical or nontechnical
decision with regard to their own work; » (Constitution § This
is not to say that we are not a democratic project, quite the contrary:
we have democratic ways to override any single entity in the project,
but they are just not the default. Therefore, your claims about "Debian
community's passivity" are quite inappropriate, even if I do understand
that they help your cause and that you might be advancing them for that

Now, the above is used routinely cum grano salis by individual
maintainers, that before pushing big changes that affect others discuss
them first and listen to feedback of the others. As reported by Julien
in this thread already, that has happened in this specific case and the
maintainer position is still (AFAIU) that the decision will be
re-evaluated at freeze time.

Given that context, I fail to understand what exactly your n-th
re-iteration of this issue on -devel adds.

If you really care about the issue, you should rather consider: (1)
rolling up your sleeves and helping out fixing RC bugs (you will obtain
that the freeze will happen sooner, as well as decision re-evaluation
happen sooner), or (2) engage the technical committee in this issue
(which is our *technocratic* way to override decisions), or finally (3)
start a GR (which is our *democratic* way to override decisions). Note
that you'll need to be a Developer for the latter, but not for the

In the meantime, please refrain to claim that the Debian community is
falling shorts of its commitments due to this.


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