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Re: Improving in-place upgrades of Ada packages from Lenny to Squeeze

David Kalnischkies <kalnischkies+debian@gmail.com> writes:
> No. Replaces is used to say to dpkg: It is okay that this package
> overrides files of the other package - otherwise dpkg would complain
> loudly for good reasons. It doesn't say something about the
> upgrade path.

I disagree with this particular part of your analysis.  What you say is
true of Conflicts, not of Replaces.  IMHO, Replaces really, clearly
suggests an upgrade path.  Why else would the package renaming procedure
require both Conflicts and Replaces?

I do agree with the rest of what you said.

Let me emphasize again that, for Ada, a new version of a -dev package
(i.e. libX2-dev) is *not* a complete replacement for libX1-dev,
therefore we must use neither a dummy transitional package nor a
Provides relationship.

Ludovic Brenta.

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