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Re: Translations copyrights/licences

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 06:41:09PM +0100, Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Helge Kreutzmann may or may not have written...
> > Speaking both with my translator and my Debian Maintainer hat on, I can
> > state the following:
> > a) There are lots of "drive by" translators. Systems like launchpad or
> >    DDTP even *encourage* this. In this case, it is most likely not
> >    possible at all to contact individual translators.
> > b) In structured projects (Debian, Fedora, OOo, KDE, GNOME) there are
> >    often language teams. In this case, translations are often
> >    "channeled" via the team. So if you want, you can try to collect
> >    the names in the copyright, but a team adress is more valuable.
> To me, this all doesn't matter so long as who changed what is recorded and I
> can get (or generate) a series of diffs which I can then commit where
> appropriate. If I can't, then I'm not really interested.

From my experience the workflow is as follows: Either the "Last
Translator" or someone else notices or becomes noticed that a
translation is out of date. She then updates it (or asks on the list
for an update), the translation is reviewed (more or less formally)
and in the end the translation is sent to the package / upstream.
Hopefully the copyright statements in the header are updated, and the
"Last Translator" address is working. If the "Last Translator"
actually was the last translator I'm not always sure, he might be the
language coordinator or the field might simply not be up to date
anymore. The German team takes both license as well as "Last
Translator" seriously. So if you are in doubt, contact the mentioned
translation list (which unfortunately might be out of sync as well). 

In essence: Take the translation and the "Last Translator" for your
records as stated. There is not much more you can do if you don't
want to go into the nitty gritty details of each language team.

(I personally ask the submitter, however, if the headers are obviously
wrong, but I don't believe this scales if you happen to have lots of


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