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Re: SRWare Iron: Chromium without the data-mining

Le samedi 22 mai 2010 à 08:43 +0200, Tollef Fog Heen a écrit :
> | I don't see what you mean by "iffy" tabbed browsing, what's wrong with
> | tabbed browsing in Epiphany?
> For me, at least two things:
> - C-TAB/C-S-TAB doesn't work for switching tabs, I have to use
>   C-PgUp/PgDn.

This is the default GTK+ shortcut for that.

> - The tabs are always the same size, meaning it's hard to keep track
>   when I have many tabs.

There is an ongoing discussion upstream to change that, but this also
requires a global change at the GTK+ level and in the HIG, so that all
GNOME applications behave the same. This specific point is considered
critical for most MDI applications.

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