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Re: snapshot.debian.org implications for you

On 19/05/10 10:08, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
On Wed, 19 May 2010, Felipe Sateler wrote:
Most of the repackaging is done because we don't _want_ to redistribute
those files not because we do not have the right to redistribute them.

[citation needed]

My perception of the matter is the other way around.

Take the case of stripped RFC, we can't modify them, hence they are
non-free for us and we don't want to carry them. But they are
distributable and having them on snapshot.d.o hurts nobody.

The same goes for any other non-free material that upstream
includes on purpose (as opposed to by mistake). Say a PDF documentation
or a logo or even a GFDL doc with invariants.

I was under the impression that snapshots.debian.org main had to respect the same rules as ftp.debian.org main. If that is true, you cannot then leave RFCs or other non-free material there. If not, then you are probably right.

Felipe Sateler

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