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Re: UPG and the default umask

On Wed, 19 May 2010 15:22:04 -0600, Aaron Toponce
> You've only mentioned that SSH won't operate if the write bit is set on
> the keys or anything under the ~/.ssh/ directory. Can you explain how an
> ssh client failing to connect to an external ssh server because of the
> umask is compromising security on the system?

Simply read the mails and those from the other critics again, it's not
only annoying for myself to repeat things over and over again but also for
everybody else to read it again.
Nevertheless just saying "everything's fine" or "you only complained about
ssh" won't really solve the issues, but just help to wave these changes

> Also, can you please provide an extra carriage return between your reply
> and the quoted text? Reading your replies is a bit annoying.

Any other wishes to please your MUA? Different character encoding? MIME?

> Please explain how people's security is compromised because their umask
> is 0002 instead of 0022. I'm still waiting for this FUD to be backed up.

See above, or do you wish a larger paper discussing the issues?! ^^

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