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Re: bindv6only again

> | bindv6only=0 is assumed by both POSIX and RFC 3493.
> As the default value, yes.  Not as the only possible value.

Please stop repeating this legend, it is simply not true.

POSIX 2008, Volume 2, Section 2.10.20 is extremely clear that AF_INET6
sockets can be used for IPv4:

    Applications can use AF_INET6 sockets to open TCP connections to
    IPv4 nodes, or send UDP packets to IPv4 nodes, by simply encoding
    the destination's IPv4 address as an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address, and
    passing that address, within a sockaddr_in6 structure, in the
    connect(), sendto(), or sendmsg() function.


    An application can use AF_INET6 sockets to bind to a node's IPv4
    address by specifying the address as an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address in
    a sockaddr_in6 structure in the bind() function.


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