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Re: New Menu category Applictions/Multimedia

Le mardi 16 février 2010 à 08:15 +0900, Charles Plessy a écrit :
> to achieve this reasonnable default, the maintainers of programs with a menu
> entry need some instructions whether they should hide their entry in the major
> desktop managers like GNOME, KDE and Xfce.

Add the relevant snippets to the .desktop file.
To not display it by default:
To display it only for GNOME and Xfce:
To display it everywhere but in GNOME:

> Could the GNOME team show the way and issue a couple of guidelines? For
> instance what to do if there is no icon available or the icon does not have an
> alpha channel? Is it a hint that the entry should not show up in the GNOME
> menu?

No, this is just a hint that the application is not maintained upstream
enough to have a decent icon.

For the sake of consistency, it is better if all applications can have
22×22 PNG or SVG icons, but I don’t think this should dictate whether an
application belongs in the menu or not.

> For the moment, my personnal policy is to always add a FreeDesktop menu entry
> and a Debian menu entry whenever the program is graphical. But I would be most
> happy to make the FreeDesktop entry conform to the vision of the teams who make
> the desktop managers available to our users.

>From what I understand, some applications you are packaging will not be
installed except by people who know they want them, so it’s not really a

Things get different for the Debian-Med blend, for example. If you
install an important number of such applications, you have to wonder
which ones you want to really show by default. And this is not something
the GNOME team can be helpful with, since we have no idea what they
do :)

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