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Re: Roundcube does not create database

OoO  Pendant  le repas  du  mardi 26  janvier  2010,  vers 19:17,  Frank
Niedermann <fbn@thelogic.org> disait :

> Already tried "dpkg-reconfigure -plow roundcube-core". It asks
> about the mailserver, encryption and stuff but not about the
> database. When I installed phpmyadmin dbconfig-common asked
> me to enter the database admin password and created the new
> phpmyadmin database in MySQL.

> I expected roundcube to do the same but it did not. It also did
> not ask the mailserver settings, this only comes up with the -plow
> parameter for dpkg-reconfigure.

Well, I  don't know exactly  how to solve  your problem. You can  ask on
debian-users@ldo (since  debian-devel@ldo is not the right  place to ask
for help on this) or file a  bug report. I doubt that the bug is related
to roundcube since all database handling is done by dbconfig-common.

You can also look at :
 debconf-get-selections | grep -E ^(roundcube-core|dbconfig-common)

"dbconfig-install" key should be "true".
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