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Re: Roundcube does not create database

OoO  Pendant le repas  du dimanche  24 janvier  2010, vers  19:39, Frank
Niedermann <fbn@thelogic.org> disait :

> I have installed the package roundcube on Debian Squeeze. It does not create
> the required database (roundcube-core and roundcube-mysql also installed). I
> already tried with dpkg-reconfigure but this does not work either.

> Other packages like phpmyadmin do work fine and are able to create the
> database.

> Is this a known issue or should I create a bugreport? Can I fix it on my
> own?

Well,   dunno    what   happens.   Database   creation    is   done   by
dbconfig-common. You should  try "dpkg-reconfigure -plow roundcube-core"
to check if it asks something.
panic("esp: what could it be... I wonder...");
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/esp.c

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