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ossp-uuid: Orphaning, a new upload or removal?

Dear Piotr,
your package ossp-uuid wasn't updated since 2006 by you. In the meantime Steve
Langasek and myself fixed several severe bugs (NMU). But we were both limited by
what a NMU can do. This leaves the package in a shape I'd call unfit for release
even though currently no RC bug is reported against it (I fixed the last).

Therefore I'd like to ask you to either resume your work on the package, orphan
it or ask for its removal. Though I'd say orphaning would be best for the
moment, as postgresql seems to Build-Depend on ossp-uuid.

Please note: because the next release starts to appear on the horizon and any
action regarding ossp-uuid would have to be taken before the freeze, I'll expect
your answer within 20 days (2010-02-15). I don't intend to give an offence by
this, it's just to make sure, somebody might have time to step up and take over
the package, in case that should be needed.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: I'm CCing debian-devel (to give a warning ahead to anybody interested in
postgresql) and mia (to document this contact attempt).


Kai Wasserbäch (Kai Wasserbaech)

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