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Re: Debian Packaging advancements

Hello Joachim,

    some updates:
       1. Almost all patches were applied to the internal branch and they work fine. Great work! Serna is built on Ubuntu 9.10 w/o any critical problem so I reported Syntext about that. Now all patches will be revised and after QA I hope they become the part of Serna trunk/.
       2. Patches that hardcode paths ([0028-0032]) most probably will not be applied to the trunk. Since Syntext supports other platforms (Mac, Windows tm), these patches may break the building process (one *working* repository for all platforms). Hence all patches might be stored in debian/patches/ dir in the trunk (I think this will be discussed a bit later)
       3. Could you please explain your latest patch (0034: Do not clean 3rd/qt/icons)? Why they should not be cleaned up? Are they used somewhere?

Andrew Sichevoi (http://thekondor.net)
true perfection has to be imperfect

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