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Debian Packaging advancements

[CC’ing debian-devel because this is partly a call for contributions :-]


today, I continued in my quest to make a proper Debian package out of
Serna. For now, I ignored the issue of the convenience code copies in
the source code and focused on getting a properly buildable package. The
four really required 3rd party tarballs are shipped in debian/3rd.

http://git.nomeata.de/?p=serna.git;a=summary contains the current state.

I started to use git-dpm[1] for packaging. This means that my changes
against the upstream (which is SVN trunk, revision 139) is stored in
Some of those can probably applied to the SVN directory directly, such
as 0017-Working-exports.lst-even-if-list-is-empty.patch. The others
should be reviewd and improved – I’m not an experienced C++ hacker.
Especially the 64bit stuff is just a hack and needs to made working

The debian packages does not have build-dependencies yet. If someone
wants to help assemble the correct set of packages (using pbuilder and
trial’n’error, that would be appreciated).

The serna binary is installed into /usr/bin/, the rest is put
in /usr/lib/serna. The binary is compiled with rpath so that the bundles
libs can be put in /usr/lib/serna/lib. I tried hard to make serna accept
this, but the patch that I try to use does not seem to be sufficient.
Any comments welcome:

I also started to work on the debian/copyright file, which is naturally
a large beast. Again, help is appreciated:

All in all I thought would have gotten further in one whole day, and
motivation is fading again. Contributions by others are a good way to
increase motivation again :-).

Good night,

[2] http://git-dpm.alioth.debian.org/

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