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Re: rebuild test of Debian packages with GCC trunk 20100107

On 12.01.2010 00:00, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Matthias Klose<doko@debian.org>  (11/01/2010):
I'll go through the list of build failures this week, trying to file
appropriate bug reports for GCC or the distribution. Please let me
know if somebody wants to work on this list as well.


I might want to join this kind of effort for next runs: I might have
some ressource to devote to running some build tests, maybe using qemu
to check other architectures as well, so that we get a bit more of
feedback than on just amd64. I'm unsure about the timing though, I'm
not very familiar with qemu (yet), and I'm not sure about a possible

the amd64/i386 rebuilds are done by Lucas; rebuild tests for other architectures would be nice. please make sure that only errors introduced with 4.5 are reported.


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