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rebuild test of Debian packages with GCC trunk 20100107

A rebuild test of the current Debian unstable distribution on x86_64-linux-gnu was done, one rebuild test with the current gcc-4.4 from the branch, and another one with GCC trunk 20100107. The latter did show about 200 additional build failures, which are listed in [1] (minus some already known failures due to misconfiguration for the rebuild with gcc-4.5, and a now already fixed bug in hardening-wrapper). The GCC test packages used for the test rebuild are available for i386 and amd64 at [2].

Lucas did do the test rebuild and a quick analysis of the results, repeated here:

 - some symbols problems (sqlxx, strigi)
 - tests failure (incorrect code generation?)
 - many new gcc errors (compiler becoming stricter, as usual?)
 - some ICEs
 - several builds where g++ hanged (e.g fwbuilder, but there are others).
   the timeout for the builds was set to 60min.

I'll go through the list of build failures this week, trying to file appropriate bug reports for GCC or the distribution. Please let me know if somebody wants to work on this list as well.


[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GCC/Rebuild20100107
[2] deb http://people.debian.org/~doko/archive/ experimental/

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