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Re: Optimus Gnu-Linux

On Sun, 10 Jan 2010, Jonatan Dimotta <jonidimo@gmail.com> wrote:
> However, not only is the kernel, if not the services "as a person with a
> pentium 3 and with just a decent video card you can install any of the
> major current distributions taking up the bluetooth services enabled by
> default? With this project by analyzing the PC before downloading the
> operating system can eliminate a lot of programs and unnecessary services,
> such as having bluetooth service enabled by default on a pentium 3 and / or
> have the webcam working without being hours starting head trying to find
> drivers for it. It could clarify the list of drivers and would universally
> sharable for all distributions.

I am writing this message on a Pentium-M laptop - which is essentially a 
1.7GHz version of the Pentium-3 core.

My mail server is a Xen DomU on a Celeron 2.4GHz.  The overall capacity of the 
system is less than some of the SMP P3 systems I used to run when a 1.3GHz P3 
was a good server CPU.

The chipset of most Desktop P3 systems will limit you to 512M of RAM.  This is 
the biggest limit on a P3.  I don't think that there are many things that you 
can't do with a typical P3 system that has been upgraded fully.

There are some things that can be improved, desktop environments tend to drag 
in some daemons that really should be optional - particularly if you have the 
installation of "recommends" enabled (the default).

But I don't think we need to change anything significantly unless we want to 
get decent performance on a system with less than 128M of RAM - which is 
considerably less than is typical of a P3.

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