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Re: Optimus Gnu-Linux


[This is my personal opinion...]

On Sun, 2010-01-10 at 06:17 -0300, Jonatan Dimotta wrote:

> This project is basically an interactive free online service where the
> user enters the website, run a wizard and it automatically detects the
> computer's hardware, then the user chooses basic options such as
> programs, orientation of the final operating system and optimized low,
> with the specific software for your pc and the kernel compiled
> automatically. So that the final size of the discharge may be much
> less than the current distrubuciones, more efficient and easier.

The recommended way to install Debian is to download the "Netinst",
which is 180MB. The webpage says:
| _Download_a_minimal_bootable_CD_image_:
| Are you sure you really need the full CDs? You can just get the basic
| installation system - it will download the rest of the distribution
| if and when needed during the installation.

> Also users who want to enter the world of GNU / Linux instead of
> spending hours figuring out which distribution you choose, down one to
> your specifications and ready. 

Quite off topic here. Debian only provide Debian material ;)
Jounalists, bloggers and Wikipedia could/should help choosing. A
dedicated website may help. You could suggest people at distrowatch.com

> In broader aspects is not only lower the kernel compiled automatically
> on your pc, if not adjust and specify various areas to leverage
> resources to maximum, point to Programs, Web browsers, desktop, disk
> partition, orientation, etc. . This would include a program to install
> everything automatically and an integrated program to this Web
> service, which can be updated, recompiling the kernel if you purchase
> new hardware and see new style similar to iTunes (say an example). 

Keep in mind that changing a computer isn't always planned. In real
life, people tend to change computer when the old one fails.

Debian provides flexible kernel, XWindow... that can adapt to lots of
different configuration without a change. Usually, you can simply move
the hard disk from the old machine to the new one, and voilà.

This is a feature I wouldn't give up, not even if I know that my
computer could be 10% faster with specifically crafted software.

(Observation/Myth: If you compare two computers, the faster being 10%
faster than the other, it means that that take 1 second on a slow
computer would take 0.9 second on the faster computer... Personally, I
wouldn't notice the difference. See Moore's law[1])

> In the following site:
> http://www.debian-mx.com/2008/07/linux-kernel-hasta-que-punto-monolitico-hasta-que-punto-microkernel/ can now see how the Linux kernel is growing to a critical point where it is becoming big, slow and heavy, even Linus Trovals believes that every day is worse.

Well, ok. Linus and kernel developers are facing a new challenge. I am
pretty sure they will face and fix it.

For the rest of your email, there are many good ideas. You are welcome
to implement it ;-)


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_law

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