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Optimus Gnu-Linux

I used the google traslator i think it is very good the traslation, but forgive me if you don't understand something.
Most PC users when trying to learn about GNU / Linux are lost for several reasons: many distributions, those who can recommend a number and the person ends up not deciding any, rumors of bad shareability with some pieces of hardware, the Select some distribution, the computer runs slower, and so on. 

I was working on this project quite some time but my knowledge is rather limited (if not what I would done), even do private to make money with the idea but after recalling the spirit of free software. This project is basically an interactive free online service where the user enters the website, run a wizard and it automatically detects the computer's hardware, then the user chooses basic options such as programs, orientation of the final operating system and optimized low, with the specific software for your pc and the kernel compiled automatically. So that the final size of the discharge may be much less than the current distrubuciones, more efficient and easier. Also users who want to enter the world of GNU / Linux instead of spending hours figuring out which distribution you choose, down one to your specifications and ready. 

In broader aspects is not only lower the kernel compiled automatically on your pc, if not adjust and specify various areas to leverage resources to maximum, point to Programs, Web browsers, desktop, disk partition, orientation, etc. . This would include a program to install everything automatically and an integrated program to this Web service, which can be updated, recompiling the kernel if you purchase new hardware and see new style similar to iTunes (say an example). 

In the following site: http://www.debian-mx.com/2008/07/linux-kernel-hasta-que-punto-monolitico-hasta-que-punto-microkernel/ can now see how the Linux kernel is growing to a critical point where it is becoming big, slow and heavy, even Linus Trovals believes that every day is worse. (http://alt1040.com/2009/09/linus-torvalds-considera-que-linux-es-grande-lento-y-pesado). However, not only is the kernel, if not the services "as a person with a pentium 3 and with just a decent video card you can install any of the major current distributions taking up the bluetooth services enabled by default? With this project by analyzing the PC before downloading the operating system can eliminate a lot of programs and unnecessary services, such as having bluetooth service enabled by default on a pentium 3 and / or have the webcam working without being hours starting head trying to find drivers for it. It could clarify the list of drivers and would universally sharable for all distributions. 

This new system should start as armed from the website. Where it should have an intuitive, simple and 2.0. You can upload manuals to the degree of user knowledge. 
Respect to the wizzard, there is a page that detects the hardware: http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/ could be based on this method and add other steps such as: 

Guidance and Services 
Would you chose to start the computer type: Server, desktop, portable storage, designed for any particular use (the study of music, multimedia, etc.).. Here you can pre-set programs, though the intent of this project is not for programs for each user if not optimizing resource efficiency Choose software-as specific as possible eg Gimp desktop in Gnome. 

GUI / Desktop 
Recommend a type of desktop to the PC hardware but offer all the alternatives. Even so modify any remaining basic and efficient, not wasting resources on images to icons or buttons, several bars, panels, etc.. Without ceasing to be aesthetically attractive and visually clean. 

Partition Type 
Currently unaware of ext4 and performance, but a few years ago was better for large files partition reiserfs xfs and boys. It could be agreed and using a certain partition to boot (grub, lilo, etc.) according to the hardware features to recommend one. 

In the last stage of the wizard do not know if they could build a kernel and armed with all the options and compiled, or if you have to download all files in a program then compile everything in the installation. 

One could add other steps but the best would be few simple steps. Automatically detect the type of architecture. It goes without saying that the site would be translated into several languages and software that is down as much as possible in the language chosen. 

I hope I have explained the idea well and that there are people interested in developing it, know where to publish it because why start a blog and publish it there (http://jonidimo.blogspot.com) and send to this list, do not know whether to put forums or other pages and other languages. I await your response even if my idea is stupid and impossible to do from now thank you very much. Jonatan

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