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Lintian error on- rpath: Would like an exemption

littler (aka 'r') is a small wrapper around GNU R that Jeff Horner and I
released in 2006 and have been maintaining since.  It is similar to Rscript
(which appeared a little later as part of base R) but implemented differently
-- we query a lot of the environment at build time and encode this.  And we
also use an -rpath against R's main dynamic library.  As a consequence, we
start faster than either Rscript or R.

And I was about to make a new upstream release, but now see

    E: littler: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath ./usr/bin/r

and can no longer override this.  This is too strict as littler has only one
purpose purpose: wrap around R for faster and lighter starts in scripting,
direct evaluation, one-liner etc.

And on Debian I can control where R lives, depend on the package etc pp.
This is a legitimate use of -rpath, and I would like to upload this.  Without
getting the package rejected.  Can I?

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