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Re: where is /etc/hosts supposed to come from?

OoO En  cette nuit nuageuse du  jeudi 31 décembre 2009,  vers 01:16, Sam
Morris <sam@robots.org.uk> disait :

>>> Adding meaningless configuration to work around programs that are
>>> broken by design does not seem like a good solution.
>> There are  a lot of  programs requiring some  kind of FQDN  (for example
>> because they implement a protocol requiring it). How should they get it?
>> I have never  seen a more universal that to get  node name with uname(),
>> then use gethostbyname(). Please, provide better way.

> The admin should supply it in the program's configuration, since only the 
> admin is able to know the correct value.

Sure, the admin would have to  configure a whole set of programs instead
of just configuring the canonical name in one unique place of the system
and let each program that needs it to autodiscover it?

This  does  not preclude  the  possibility  to  override what  has  been
discovered on a case by case basis.
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