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Re: quilt 3.0 source format and dpkg-source/dpkg-buildpackage


On Mon, 28 Dec 2009, Norbert Preining wrote:
> > Are you using --git-export-dir? It seems not, and that you build the
> > package in-place.
> No, and it is nowhere mentioned on the wiki page.
> Mind that git-buildpackage with normal 1.0 source format does NOT pollute
> the git repository, so my expectation is that the 3.0 format does the
> same, but alas, it doesn't.

Well, if you have the usual quilt rules, you working copy is also modified
until the next debian/rules clean. Here the clean doesn't unapply the
patches because the standard state is having the patches applied (that's
what you get after dpkg-source -x).

> Is a DD expected to only use quilt in that mode? Arggg.


> > Again, sorry to hear this experience - in my case, after reading the
> > wiki page, it was a painless experience. And the new format seems
> Well, because you had the gbp.conf stuff already in place, and the .quiltrc,
> but nothing of that is mentioned in the Wiki.

It's a wiki so people can add their own recommendations over time...
Do you really expect me to test all vcs-buildpackage and come up with
tips for them?

> (In fact there is one, including binary files in .debian.tar.gz, but
> since I only need that for the TeX Live packages, and svn-buildpackage
> is not ready, I am hosed again)

What problem do you get with svn-buildpackage? It doesn't support multiple
upstream tarballs but if you don't use that feature it should not be a
problem at all...

And next time you could ask your questions without doing snide remarks
about the work done, you will still get answers...

Raphaël Hertzog

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