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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

On Fri, Dec 04 2009, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> On 03/12/09 at 23:55 -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 03 2009, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
>> > Right now we're working on updating the Debian Python Policy. Once we'll
>> > be happy with the first set of patches, we'll send them to debian-python
>> > mailing list. I don't see a reason to make it public right now as it's
>> > simply not ready. Does it really matter that I'm not preparing it alone?
>> > If I would work on it alone would I still be obligated to make
>> > everything public?
>>         Policy decisions, even drafting policy, does not have to be held
>>  in deep dark secret;  indeed, policy creation in Debian has usually
>>  been held right out in the open.  Going away and crafting what you
>>  think is going to be a finished policy and expecting wide adoption of
>>  the fait accompli is likely to have surprising outcomes for you.
> Were did Piotr say that he expected the updated policy to be
> immediately adopted without changes?

        Did I say he said it?

> I don't have a problem with people drafting stuff privately if it is
> more efficient (and it's very probably more efficient there, with all
> the social issue involved). BUT people drafting stuff privately should
> not expect DDs to blindly and automatically accept their proposal,
> and be ready to rewrite it completely during the public discussion.

        Past experience has shown me (and I do have a modicum of
 experience guiding technical policy development in Debian) that people
 drafting policy by themselves are much more likely to balk at having to
 rewrite the policy, and often are frustrated by having to repeat
 arguments expressed in private -- but hey, maybe this  time it will be
 all different from those previous times.

> What I have a problem with, is people _deciding_ stuff privately, and
> then announcing changes on d-d-a, expecting them to be accepted without
> discussion.

> I think that most of us are OK with the "private drafting / public
> discussion with lots of changes if necessary" process. But we so much
> fear that the "private decision taking / announce on d-d-a" process
> will be used again that people ask that all discussions are public.

> We really need to trust Piotr (and others) to do the right thing here.

        The right thing, I think, is to do it in the open. It is not as
 if drafting technical policy in the open results in open flammage --
 technical issues are, as a rule, less cause for endless flammage than
 non technical subjective issues [like this one].

If the odds are a million to one against something occurring, chances
are 50-50 it will.
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