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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

Frans Pop wrote:
> I think it *is* material in this instance:
> Versions of python-defaults in Debian:
> unstable: 2.5.4-2
> experimental: 2.5.4-3
> Version of package in Ubuntu:
> Version: 2.6.4-0ubuntu1 (karmic)
> Uploaded by: Matthias Klose
> On date: 2009-10-30 12:05:08 UTC
> That is over *two months* ago.
> Version: 2.6.2-0ubuntu1 (jaunty)
> Apparently uploaded *33 weeks* ago.

Perhaps more germane to the head of this thread is that python3.0 is not
in Debian, but prereleases were added to Ubuntu apparently in 2007.

see shy jo

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