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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 02:11:41PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> IMO the solution is simple. *We* as the Debian project should make sure 
> that core packages of *our* distribution are maintained by people who's 
> first priority is Debian, and not another distribution.

Take care to make sure our core packages are also maintained by:

 - people whose first priority is Debian, not their family
 - people whose first priority is Debian, not their education
 - people whose first priority is Debian, not putting food on the table
 - people whose first priority is Debian, not their health
 - people whose first priority is Debian, not their ego

Since, if this isn't just a thinly-veiled slander against Canonical and its
employees, we'll want to make sure the maintainers of our core packages have
*all* their priorities right.

> Of course anybody can have real life (as in paid work) interfering with 
> volunteer work, but when the paid work is for another (competing) 
> distribution, the conflict of interest

Conflict of interest?  Oh, disregard the previous comments, then; apparently
this /is/ just a thinly-veiled slander.

The question of whether someone is doing an adequate job of maintaining a
package is a legitimate one.  The identity of their employer is immaterial
to an objective examination of this question.

> From what I've seen about Python maintenance in this and earlier threads it 
> seems clear that action is warranted. We have had similar situations in 
> the past that have taken *way* to long to resolve. Let's not delay any 
> longer this time.

> Let's simply give Matthias an ultimatum for presenting a plan for Python in 
> Debian and (both action and timeline). If he fails to provide that or if 
> the Debian project is not happy with the plan, others get to take over the 
> lead in maintaining it.

The governing body with the constitutional authority to resolve disputes
over package maintainership is the Technical Committee.  debian-devel is not
the contact address for the TC.

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